Love to Orlando

Beloved Queer Family,

Each death is different.  Certain types of deaths can have added complexity... when it is a young person. Or a murder. Or both, like Orlando. And now, I just heard a transwoman reporter say some of these young people were not out to their families and some of these trans youth are having funerals today as the wrong gender. 

When I was with hospice, during a summer, I heard someone say in the face of their raw grief, that the happy summer sun felt like an outrage. Back then, with my own grief, I wrote this song, "How Angels Do Summer", about putting a person in the ground, on a day with bright sun. Like today.

This song tells how I believe angels work. They're burying these bright souls, as their vacation, because nothing is brighter. 

This is how angels do summer.

Godspeed. I love you.