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"Kress songs make the ordinary sacred" - Dar Williams

Kress Cole is an Oakland-based queer Femme songstress. She has won 26 WCS awards, including winning "Song of The Year" in both Berkeley and San Rafael, plus two appearances in the annual Grand Finals, as one of the top 15 songs of the year for the collective West Coast. Her song "Seatbelt" earned a nomination for "Lyric of the Year", WCS 2016.

Kress is kicking off her 2017 tour for her new album, "The Alchemy Show" with an album release event at The Freight and Salvage: http://thefreight.org/kress-cole-alchemy-show

Kress cares about fighting the erasure of femininity in queer spaces. She also writes under the artist alter-ego, FemmeVisible.

She has an everlasting crush on good-old tomboys. That major crush is all over her songs. She is also known for her verb-ification of nouns, noun-ification of verbs, and for strange little ballads of spiritual quirk.

Five years ago, Kress took her songs public for the first time. Things got fast. Live radio performances. Intense music industry management. Branding. Higher heels. Bigger hair. Encouragement to pass as straight. Songs up for film placement. Dance music remakes of Kress songs. Being strategic as fuck. 

The sick part of the music industry chews down unique artistic voices, trying to swallow money.

Kress lost her connection with the mystic song-source. Until now. No more.

You won't find labels here. You won't find too much of the Men, men, MEN who dominate the music world and decide which songs live or die. Kress is independent again.

Making songs, by a people (Kress), for a people (you). With no industry in between.