Hey Queers,

A dear buddy just said, "Yay for gay love songs!" so here is an oldie, but a goodie. 

I still rig BINGO so this song can feel like the stud that it is.


Kressella Marie

P.S.: Lyrics below.



~  ~  ~  ~  ~


"Love Works"     by Kress Cole, Copyright 2013


you saw me talking to that bass player after the show

you got real quiet on the car ride home

i put my head on your shoulder and i sighed extra-loud so you could hear me

above the engine and the gap between our seats and the echoes of that anonymous crowd

you said she sure was fancy, bet her hands would fancy dancing on more than just those strings

i said she can not touch us babe, cause us is made of you plus me, hey. our

love works la da da looooooooove works


i get up on stages a lot i got a lot of attention yes

you roll up in your firetruck a lot and lots of womens want rescue-in’ uh huh

and we have nights where you cannot stomach me

and we have nights where i wish you were, well, better

we might go to sleep angry and wake up who knows

i guess we’ll find out when we wake up together

love works la da da looooooooove works


sure it’s true when we kiss there are no sparks to speak of

cause the fuses are long since expired or burnt or buried under the sand of

‘did you take out the trash? do you like my dress? why do I ask, why do I ask?’

oh but the goods news is when i don’t hold you i miss you

and the good news is i know you and i stilll i kiss you


and when we’re eighty-four and eighty-one i’m gonna rig bingo

so you can feel like the stud that you are

b-9 honey oooh that’s blackout, row ‘I’ says let’s G-O

Gross Out the teenagers and make out in the car

cause love works la da da love works la da da da

looooooooove   looooooooovelooooooooove     works.